My ocd intrusive thoughts experience

I suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and the intrusive thoughts I experience can be debilitating. It all starts with a thought that is usually based in fear or anxiety, but for me it often turns into an unhealthy obsession. My mind starts to dwell on the thought and then new ideas start to form around it, leading me down a spiral of worry or confusion. Sometimes the thoughts become so loud that, even when I’m trying to focus on something else, they just won’t go away.

I have tried various methods to quieten these thoughts, such as mindfulness techniques and journaling. But no matter what strategies I use, these intrusive thoughts can take over my day-to-day life. Unfortunately there’s no quick fix when it comes to managing them. For now, I attempt to take control of my mind by being aware of when an intrusive thought pops up and refocusing my energy towards more positive things instead.