My mental health and addiction

Lately I have been struggling with mental health challenges and addiction, which has been a difficult road. I know that I am not alone in this struggle; many other people face these same issues. The hardest part for me is learning how to take care of myself - it’s a process of understanding how to recognize and regulate my emotions, learning how to cope with stress and fatigue, and understanding the triggers that lead to unhealthy habits.

I’m learning that talking through my struggles with family or friends can help provide me with clarity so that I can find ways to positively manage my feelings. It’s also important for me to find activities or hobbies that will allow me to be creative, practice self-care, and increase positive self-talk so I can focus on the long-term picture rather than just the short-term relief an indulgence might bring. It’s not easy but taking one step at a time towards healthier habits is essential for dealing with my mental health challenges and addiction.