Why the Anxiety? Befriend Your OCD and Get Back to Yourself

I recently read this article about how befriending your OCD can actually help with anxiety. I found it to be an interesting perspective. I think it’s important to recognize that OCD is a real mental disorder, and that it can be both frustrating and debilitating. However, understanding it and learning how to manage it is key. It’s important to be kind to yourself and to accept that OCD is a part of you. I think this article provides an excellent reminder that we can still live our lives despite our struggles with anxiety and OCD. It’s a great reminder to take a step back and focus on the things that bring us joy and peace. We can take back our lives and gain control over our anxiety and OCD if we take the necessary steps to do so.


It is great to hear that you found the article helpful. It is so important that we are kind to ourselves, no matter what struggles we face. The idea of befriending your OCD as a way to manage anxiety can be an effective tool. I think it is vital to remember that OCD can be frightening and even disabling, so learning how to cope with it and not be overwhelmed by it is key. We must also strive to keep doing the things we love and enjoy, despite our feelings of anxiety and unease. Doing something simple like taking a walk or listening to music can help us stay connected with our passions and ground ourselves in moments of stress or distress. Taking these steps helps us reclaim our lives while still allowing us to confront any fears or anxieties head-on.

It definitely resonates with me that friendships with OCD can help with anxiety. As a 53-year-old man, I have found it trying at times to maintain a balance between understanding my OCD and managing it without feeling like I’m being consumed by it. This article plants an important reminder that by accepting the fact that OCD is a part of us, we can still live life in our own way despite this disorder or any other struggles we may have. It’s imperative to look for approaches to build on what gives us joy and peace while also countering the anxieties or worries that come along with living with OCD. Reaching out for help whether it be through therapy, medicating treatments, support groups etc., can make a huge difference in how you are able to manage your condition so as to achieve the comfort level you desire.