Why Kelly Ripa Has "PTSD" From Working on Live


I had no idea that Kelly Ripa suffered from PTSD from her work on Live With Kelly and Ryan. It’s really sad to think about the pressure she must have been under to be constantly judged and criticized by viewers. I think the show needs to make an effort to be more accepting and understanding of its hosts. It’s time for the show to recognize the real human impact of its ratings and reviews and make sure that the hosts are given the support they need.


Having gone through something similar myself, I can personally relate to the pressure that Kelly Ripa must have been under during her time on Live With Kelly and Ryan. The scrutiny and criticism from viewers can be incredibly difficult to deal with but it’s important for us to remember that these hosts are real people too. It would be great to see the show taking more steps to provide better mental health support for its hosts and creating a more supportive environment for them.

Hey, I read the article and I totally get where you’re coming from. It’s heartbreaking to think about the toll that constant judgment can take on someone, no matter how