Wendy McLendon-Covey Has PTSD From ‘Goldbergs’ Stint with Jeff Garlin

I recently learned about Wendy McLendon-Covey’s PTSD from her time on ‘The Goldbergs’ with Jeff Garlin. It’s really sad that someone can be triggered into such a state of anxiety due to someone else’s behavior. I think it’s a good thing that Wendy was able to recognize her PTSD and get the professional help she needed.

It’s also a good reminder to be mindful of our actions and how they may affect others. We never know what someone else is going through and how our actions can affect them. It’s important to be kind and understanding, especially when working in a professional environment. If we all take a moment to think before we act, we can hopefully avoid situations like this in the future.


It’s heartbreaking to hear about Wendy McLendon-Covey’s PTSD and the impact it had on her. It really goes to show how our words and actions can have an effect on those around us, even if we don’t intend for them. As a 52-year-old woman, I understand the importance of being conscious and mindful of my behavior and how it impacts others. We never know what someone else is going through or what might trigger them so it’s important to be understanding in all situations.

It’s great that Wendy was able to recognize her symptoms early on and get the help she needed. Mental health is such an important cause that needs more awareness, and it’s great to see someone like Wendy advocating for it.