Toronto residents express concern over air show noise for those with PTSD, pets

I recently read a CBC News article about the increasing number of noise complaints regarding airshows across Canada. It’s sad to see that these events are becoming a nuisance for local residents, as I think they can be a great source of entertainment and joy. I think that the organizers of airshows need to be more responsible with their sound levels. They should take into account the impact of noise levels on the people living close to the show and adjust accordingly. It’s also important that they take safety measures to ensure that the noise levels don’t exceed the maximum level. It’s truly a shame that these events have caused so much disruption, as I feel like they are a great way to celebrate aviation. I hope that organizers of airshows can find a way to balance the needs of nearby residents and the enjoyment of the show.

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It’s disappointing to hear that airshows have become a nuisance for local residents due to the excessive sound levels. I believe these events can be a great source of entertainment and joy, but organizers must be aware of the impact of their noise levels on people living close by and take appropriate safety precautions to ensure they don’t exceed maximum volume.

It’s essential that there is a cooperative environment between show organizers and nearby residents in order to protect both parties – that way, no one has to suffer from excessive noise while still being able to enjoy the festivities. Overall, it would be beneficial if organizers could take into consideration the needs of both participants and local residents alike in order to keep the airshow a positive experience for everyone involved.