Too Anxious to Sleep: Navigating Mental Health Struggles

Tonight I feel overwhelmed as I struggle to sleep. Every time I try to shut my eyes things start spinning around in my head and adrenaline rushes through my body. It’s like an overpowering force that won’t let me relax and get much-needed rest.

I’m someone who struggles with their mental health every day, and tonight is no exception. No matter how hard I try to control my thoughts or practice calming techniques, when it comes to sleeping it feels like none of this makes a difference- nothing can stop the overwhelming anxiety that takes over.

It can be really hard for me during these times because it’s a reminder of how difficult managing my mental health can be at times. Even though I’m doing what’s in my power to take care of myself, there are still moments where nothing feels like it’s helping because the pressure is just too much to bear. But during these moments instead of being frustrated, I know the most important thing is being patient with myself and allowing myself to feel whatever emotions come up without judgement or criticism as this too shall pass.