TODAY exclusive: Martina Navratilova on fighting 2 cancers at once: 'Almost have PTSD'

I recently read an article about Martina Navratilova’s breast cancer diagnosis and her successful treatment. While I’m so glad to hear that she is doing better, it really makes me think about how important it is to take care of our health and get regular checkups. We all need to be proactive in our healthcare and not wait for something to be wrong before we get checked out. Early detection of any type of cancer is key, and this is especially true for breast cancer. It’s essential to be aware of any changes in our bodies and to get regular mammograms, which can help detect cancer before it becomes more serious. Thank you, Martina, for encouraging us to be proactive in our health and for your bravery in facing the cancer head-on.

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Thank you for bringing this article and Martina Navratilova’s story to our attention. It is a true testament to the importance of being proactive when it comes to health care, especially when it comes to possible cancer diagnoses. Being informed of any potential changes in our bodies is crucial in making sure we stay on top of our health. Regular check-ups and mammograms can be a powerful tool for early detection and prevention. We should all take heart from Martina’s story and be inspired by her courage in overcoming such an adversarial experience.