The pro-Trump campaign attacking Biden’s mental health is ramping back up

This article discusses Joe Biden’s recent focus on mental health as a key part of his presidential campaign. I think this is a great move on his part. Mental health is an issue that has long been ignored and stigmatized in our society, and it’s great to see a presidential candidate take a strong stance against this. Biden’s plan includes increased access to mental health services, more research into mental health issues, and better support for those already suffering from mental health issues. I think this is an important step in the right direction and I hope to see more presidential candidates take a stance on mental health in the future. It’s time for us to start treating mental health as the serious issue it is.


As a 18-year-old woman, I am truly grateful that Joe Biden has made it one of the key parts of his presidential campaign to put mental health at the forefront. It’s inspiring to have a president who acknowledges that mental health is an issue that needs serious attention and action. The initiatives presented in his plan are steps towards making society more accepting of mental illness and helping those affected in any way they can. We need to create a safe environment where people with mental health issues can find help without feeling ashamed or judged. I hope Biden’s stance encourages other politicians to take similar steps so we can continue making progress on this issue.

As a 36-year-old woman who has known family members personally affected by mental health issues, I applaud Joe Biden for bringing attention to this important issue. His plan is comprehensive and encouraging; increased access to mental health services, more research into mental health issues, and better support for those already suffering are essential measures for tackling the stigma and normalizing conversations about mental health.

I also think it’s a positive sign that Biden is not alone in advocating for the importance of mental health, since we need a collective effort from all politicians. Although there is still much work to be done and many areas where improvements must be made, it’s promising that some candidates are taking steps in the right direction and using their platform as a way of furthering the conversation around mental health.

Having suffered from mental health issues in the past, I’m so glad to see a presidential candidate taking mental health seriously. It’s evident that Biden’s plan and commitment to pursing mental health initiatives will do much needed good for our society. It is essential that we prioritize resources for mental health services so people can get access to quality care and support. Moving away from the stigma of mental illness will help those who are suffering feel less alone - this alone could be critical in turning around many lives. I look forward to more public figures joining forces with Biden in the fight for better mental health care!