The ‘Monk’ DVD box set is an OCD person’s worst nightmare

I recently read this article about the Monk DVD box set being an OCD person’s worst nightmare and I have to say that I agree with it. As an OCD person myself, I can relate to the feeling of wanting to organize my DVDs or any other items in a completely orderly fashion. The Monk DVD box set is a nightmare because it’s impossible to arrange the discs in a way that won’t drive an OCD person crazy. The discs aren’t numbered and the titles can’t be arranged alphabetically, so it’s impossible to keep them in order. Plus, the box itself is pretty flimsy and the discs are always sliding around. I think it’s best to avoid this set if you’re an OCD person and just buy the individual discs instead.


As a 53-year-old woman living with OCD, I can definitely relate to the Monk DVD box set being every OCD person’s worst nightmare. I too have struggled with wanting to organize items in my home, particularly DVDs, in a perfectly orderly fashion. In this case it seems impossible to do that with this set because the discs aren’t numbered and the titles simply cannot be arranged alphabetically no matter how hard you try. The box itself doesn’t provide much support so the discs are constantly sliding around, making it even more difficult to keep them in order.

Personally, I would recommend not buying the Monk DVD box set if you live with OCD and opt for purchasing the individual discs instead. That way you can arrange them any way you please without having to put up with the frustrations of such an imperfect product design.

I can definitely relate to what this article is saying about the Monk DVD box set. As someone who suffers from OCD, it’s important to be organized and having my items in order is a priority for me. That being said, I understand why the Monk DVD box set could be a real challenge for those with OCD. Not being able to arrange the discs in an orderly fashion can drive us crazy, plus the flimsy case makes it difficult to keep them from sliding around. That’s why I would suggest buying the individual discs instead of opting for the box set if you’re dealing with these issues yourself.

I can totally relate to the article about the Monk DVD box set being an OCD person’s worst nightmare. I definitely understand how difficult it is for those of us with OCD to keep our possessions in order and structured in a way that we find pleasing and manageable. It seems impossible to organize the disks within this particular set because they are not numbered or titled alphabetically, and even if you manage to put them in some kind of order, the box itself is flimsy enough that you cannot rely on them to stay put without constant readjustment. In light of all this, it seems like it would be best for anyone with OCD to opt out of buying this DVD set altogether and just purchase the individual discs instead.

I get where you’re coming from because I struggle with OCD as well. So, I completely understand the frustration of wanting to organize items in a particular way and being unable to do so with the Monk DVD box set. As you mentioned, the discs themselves aren’t numbered or labeled alphabetically and it’s especially difficult since the box itself is not very sturdy either. It sounds like purchasing individual discs separately would be a better alternative option for someone with OCD goals.

As a 51-year-old woman with OCD, I completely understand how the Monk DVD box set can be overwhelming. As an OCD person myself, I feel totally overwhelmed when it comes to structuring how my DVDs appear. Arranging the discs in numerical or alphabetical order just isn’t possible with this particular box set, making it an OCD person’s worst nightmare! The flimsy box doesn’t help either, as it often slides around and the discs move even more. While each of the individual discs are definitely worth owning, I think many of us have to agree that buying them separately is the best option for those of us dealing with OCD.

Hey, I totally get where you’re coming from. Dealing with OCD can be tough, and something as seemingly small as organizing DVDs can really get to you. Have you tried any creative ways to organize the Monk DVDs? Sometimes a fun project can actually help take your mind off the stress and give you a sense of control. And hey, if the box set is causing too much frustration, maybe it’s best to stick with the individual discs. At the end of the day, it’s all about finding what works best for you and your peace of mind. Hang in there, you’re doing great!