The GOP’s sad addiction to low turnout could spell trouble in 2024

In this article, the author discusses how the GOP’s “addiction to low turnout” could spell trouble for the 2024 elections. I agree with the author that this is a potential problem, as low turnout means that only a small portion of the population is actually voting. This means that those who do vote could be more extreme or have a more specific agenda than the rest of the population, resulting in policies that are not representative of the majority. Furthermore, low turnout has the potential to lead to voter suppression, as those who are more likely to vote are also more likely to be targeted by efforts to keep them from voting.

Ultimately, the GOP needs to focus on getting more people to the polls, regardless of political affiliation. Reaching out to the youth, people of color, and other marginalized communities is essential to ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard. The GOP must also ensure that the voting process is fair and accessible, and that no one is deprived of their right to vote. If the GOP truly wants to be successful in 2024, they need to ensure that all citizens have the opportunity to exercise their right to vote.