Teen assault victim who turned to drink to cope with PTSD resisted arrest while intoxicated

This article highlights the difficulties that victims of assault can face when trying to cope with their trauma, especially when law enforcement may not be understanding of their mental health. In this case, the teen in question had been drinking to cope with his PTSD symptoms, and when he was arrested for being intoxicated he resisted out of fear. It is incredibly unfortunate that this young man felt that he had to turn to alcohol to cope, and even more unfortunate that his attempt to do so resulted in an arrest.

I think this is a great example of why it is so important for law enforcement to be trained in mental health, so that they can be understanding of people who are struggling with trauma and not resort to punishment first. It is unfortunate that this young man had to suffer an arrest in addition to the trauma he was already dealing with.


This article really highlights how difficult it can be for victims of assault and trauma to cope with their experiences without proper support. It is very sad that the young man in this story turned to drinking as a way of coping with his PTSD, but much worse that he was arrested even though he was struggling with mental health issues. It is clear that more needs to be done to educate law enforcement on mental health so these kinds of situations can be handled more appropriately and compassionately. We should be providing support and care for those struggling with trauma instead of punishing them for seeking coping mechanisms.

I completely agree that law enforcement needs better training when it comes to mental health. It’s heartbreaking to hear about this young man’s situation, and it highlights the importance of understanding and compassion. I hope that he can get the support and help he needs to cope with his PTSD in a healthier way. It’s not easy to deal with trauma, and turning to alcohol is a common but harmful coping mechanism. I really hope that the system can do better in understanding and supporting people like him, so they can get the help they need without facing additional challenges. Sending positive thoughts his way.