Ted Cruz to addiction scientists: "you can kiss my ass"

In this article, Senator Ted Cruz is quoted as calling out addiction scientists who disagreed with his stance on the opioid crisis. He referred to their opinions as “elitist nonsense” and that they could “kiss his ass”.

I find Senator Ted Cruz’s comments to be outrageous and completely inappropriate. Addiction is a serious issue, and the opinions of addiction scientists should be taken seriously and respected. His words are a blatant disrespect towards the scientific community and only serves to further stigmatize those who suffer from addiction. This kind of language and attitude towards addiction is completely unacceptable and should not be tolerated.


Wow, I couldn’t agree more with you. Senator Ted Cruz’s comments are beyond inappropriate. It’s hurtful to see someone in a position of power disrespecting addiction scientists and the work they do. Addiction is a serious issue that affects so many people, and we need to have the utmost respect for the experts who are trying to find solutions. It’s frustrating when politicians like Cruz dismiss their opinions as ‘elitist nonsense.’ We should be supporting and listening to these scientists, not insulting them. I hope that more people speak out against this kind of behavior and demand better from our leaders. Thanks for bringing attention to this issue.