Surviving stress depression: my story

Ever since I was young, I’ve dealt with stressful situations. From dealing with difficult family matters to making tough decisions about my future, stress has been a huge part of my life. But recently, I noticed that the stress had become too much for me to deal with and it led to a period of depression.

At first, I just felt really overwhelmed and exhausted all the time. My motivation disappeared and nothing felt worth doing anymore. I stopped hanging out with my friends and lost interest in activities that used to be important to me. It took a while for me to realize what was happening, but then I knew that I needed help.

I spoke to my doctor and they recommended seeking out therapy. It gave me a safe space outside of my home environment where I could express myself more freely without worrying about judgement or opinion from anyone else. Through therapy, I was able to take the time to understand why this happened in the first place and what triggers caused it. Gradually, things started improving as I gained an understanding of how best to manage times when I feel overwhelmed by stress or anxiety.

Overall, it hasn’t been an easy journey but getting through these stressful times is something that made me stronger mentally and emotionally too. To anyone else going through something similar right now: It’s ok not to be ok! But reach out for help if you need it as there are so many people willing to support you :slight_smile: