Surviving b12 depression: my story

I remember the first time I felt depressed. It was sudden and overwhelming, like a heavy cloud in my brain that told me everything would always feel this way. After many months of struggling to cope, I went to get tested for B12 deficiency. That’s when I finally got some answers.

My doctor told me that B12 deficiency can cause severe depression and prescribed me supplements to replenish my B12 level. To be honest, it wasn’t an instant fix; it took weeks before I started feeling better. But then one day, a light started to shine through that cloud and I was able to think more clearly again.
I have been on my supplement regimen ever since and have never felt as low as before the diagnosis. Through focusing on good nutrition, exercise, sleep, positive relationships and self-care, I now enjoy better mental clarity and improved emotional wellbeing.

Nobody should struggle with depression alone; if you’re feeling down lately it could be worth getting your B12 levels checked out by your doctor or another health professional. Don’t wait: taking control of your health is one of the most important steps you can take towards greater mental wellbeing!