Stress and me - my personal experience

These days, it feels like stress is something that everyone deals with on a daily basis. From work deadlines to financial issues to family matters, it all adds up and can become overwhelming. For me personally, I often find myself struggling to manage it all.

I’ve found that having a few coping strategies up my sleeve has been helpful with dealing with the stress in my life. One of the things I do is take some time for myself; this means doing things I enjoy like playing an instrument or going for a run. Another thing I do is talk about how I’m feeling – whether that be with friends, family, or anyone else who will listen. This has been really important in helping me stay mindful of where and how the stress is affecting me and coming up with solutions on how to better handle it.

Of course each person has their own individual way of managing stress; for me what works best is being kind to myself and creating healthy outlets so that the burden doesn’t seem as great. At the end of the day, I believe listening to yourself goes a long way in combating any kind of difficulty in life.