Seeking stress and anxiety coaching: my story and why i'm here

I’ve been feeling overwhelmed recently, and I know I need to make a change in my life. That’s why I’m here, searching for stress and anxiety coaching.

The truth is, the stresses of everyday life have become too much for me. At first, these feelings were manageable. However, now they seem to be consuming me. No matter what project I’m working on or which task needs to be completed first, I can’t keep up with everything on my plate. It feels like every responsibility is just one more item that I can’t handle and checking off boxes has turned into a daunting task that never ends.

My thoughts spiral out of control easily and instead of getting excited about projects or successes in my work, all I feel is dread at the prospect of another responsibility looming over me. What used to bring me joy no longer does; instead I think about all the things that need to get done rather than taking time to appreciate any accomplishments.

I’m looking for stress and anxiety coaching as a way to learn how to better manage my emotions so those negative thoughts don’t take over anymore. My hope is that with this new perspective on life, I’ll find ways to enjoy what used to bring joy while also accepting that sometimes it’s ok not get everything done - at least not right away.