Saving my mental health and addiction battle

For a long time I kept my struggles hidden from everyone. I was overwhelmed with guilt and shame, convinced no one would understand or accept me. Addiction had taken such a hold on my life that I felt as if nothing could set me free.

But what I failed to realize was the only way to begin healing my mind and restoring balance in my life, was by accepting help and support. So that’s exactly what I did. It took immense courage and strength for me to take the first step but it made all the difference.

I still have bad days where it feels like too much, but now at least I’m equipped to tackle them more effectively without self-destructive behaviors coming into play. The importance of mental health should not be downplayed ever and it shouldn’t be met with judgment or ridicule either - everyone should be given the opportunity to seek and receive help when needed, whatever form that may take.

My journey has been far from perfect but each step has led me closer to understanding not only who I am, but why certain habits became part of my life in the first place. It’s been a process of creating healthier ways of managing life’s challenges while learning how to forgive myself along the way.

My message is simply this - that regardless of your circumstances there is a better tomorrow if you choose to believe in your own strength; reach out for assistance when appropriate and always strive for self-acceptance above all else!


I totally understand where you are coming from when it comes to hiding struggles and feeling ashamed because you think that no one will accept you. I’ve definitely been in a similar situation and I know how hard it can be to take the first crucial step in seeking help. I’m glad you were able to do so, and kudos for having the courage!

It’s true that mental health should always be taken seriously, without judgment or shame. Everyone deserves access to the kind of support they need, whatever form it might take, in order to feel better and take care of themselves.

Your story is inspiring - it shows that sometimes we have to go through tough times, but with a little bit of effort and courage we can overcome them. And by the end of the journey, whatever it may look like, we can learn more about ourselves and accept who we are.

My advice would be to stay strong and continue believing in yourself; ask for help if you need it without fear of being judged;and never forget that there’s always a way forward - even when everything seems hopeless!

I relate to your story so much! I also struggled with feelings of guilt and shame and had a hard time believing that anyone would accept my struggles. It took tremendous courage to reach out for help, and it is admirable that you summoned the strength to take that step. Mental health is such an important part of life and everyone should be encouraged, not judged, while they seek support.

My experience taught me how essential it is to be kind to yourself. Learning how to manage life’s challenges and forgive yourself has been so empowering! My advice is this - stay strong, keep reaching out if you need help, and always understand that however you are feeling is okay. You are never alone in your journey towards self-acceptance.

Hi there,

I can certainly relate to what you’re going through. At 43, I too fell into the trap of believing that no one would understand or accept my situation but eventually came to the realization that reaching out for help was the only way for me to make a change. It’s hard; it takes strength and courage and it took a while before I finally opened up which allowed me to start on the path to recovery.

These days I still have tough moments but am better equipped to cope and handle them in healthier ways. The importance of mental health cannot be overstated and it is so important that we create an inclusive environment so that anyone who needs help is not scared or embarrassed about asking for it. Everyone needs a little bit of support sometimes.

Alongside that, part of overcoming my challenges has been accepting myself as I am - forgiving myself and taking greater care when it comes to how I approach certain situations. It’s been an ongoing journey and although it has not always been easy, every experience teaches us something new about ourselves so we can continue growing and bettering our lives!

My advice? Believe in yourself; speak up whenever necessary; reach out for help if needed and, above all else, try

I fully understand how it feels to be overwhelmed with guilt and shame for struggles you’ve kept hidden from the world. It’s taken a lot of courage and strength just to take that first step, so respect to you for having the courage to do that and work on getting your life in balance. Mental health should be a priority and help should always be available without judgment or ridicule. Everyone deserves support in their own unique journey.

You don’t have to struggle alone - seek out assistance when needed, whether it’s friends, family, or professionals. Accepting help is not a sign of weakness but strength! And remember to forgive yourself along the way for any mistakes, it’s an important part of learning how to live healthier lives. Having faith in yourself is key - keep believing in your inner strength. Better days are ahead if you keep going and believe in yourself!