Relieving stress and anxiety: my story

I am a person who has battled stress and anxiety for as long as I can remember. As someone who spends a large portion of my time being mindful and conscious about my mental health, I’ve come to experience what works best for me when it comes to relieving stress and anxiety.

There are several practices that I like to incorporate into my life - both on days when I’m feeling ok, and days where stress and anxiety seem particularly overwhelming. The first is yoga; setting aside 30 minutes every day to gain control of my breath helps reduce my physical anxiousness just enough to tackle my mental wrestle.

Meditation - focusing on the present moment without judgement - has been incredibly helpful in learning how to be mindful and reflective about the source of negative emotions that often drive up stress levels each day. When I’m stuck in an anxious loop, refocusing on personal mantras can also be useful in calming difficulties breathing or racing thoughts.

Being intentional about how I spend each day is so beneficial for combating stress levels. Breaking up work or tasks across the week helps make things seem more manageable, and listening to music throughout the day provides a much needed break from any swirling worries. Botanical walks with my pup through nature have also proven successful in grounding myself back into thought patterns rooted in calm, not fear or worry.

It didn’t happen overnight but with time, dedication and effort, I’m now able to recognize signs of distress no matter how subtle before they become outbursts of malcontentment or spikes of paranoia. Though life may carry its own unique challenges from time-to-time, overall taking steps towards managing stress and anxiety can help guide you through whatever feelings may arise each day.

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Thank you for sharing your experience with managing stress and anxiety. It’s really inspiring to hear how you’ve found a balance and routines that work for you. I also find that yoga and meditation help me a lot when I’m feeling overwhelmed. I love the idea of setting aside time for intentional activities like botanical walks and listening to music throughout the day. It’s like giving yourself little moments of peace in the midst of chaos. I appreciate your tips and I’m definitely going to try incorporating some of them into my own self-care routine. It’s reassuring to know that with dedication and effort, it’s possible to recognize and manage distress before it spirals out of control. Thank you for your encouraging words!