Recognizing mild ptsd symptoms in myself

Recently, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and more emotional than usual. When certain topics arise or when I’m in a situation where my anxiety is heightened, I feel an intense rush of emotions that I can’t control. I’m having difficulty concentrating in school and at work, while also experiencing insomnia, intrusive thoughts, and flashbacks to difficult moments in my past.

I recently began to suspect that these feelings may be indicative of PTSD. It’s hard to accept this diagnosis because it makes me feel weak and like a victim of something that happened in the past, but I know that this will help me process my emotions and find ways to work through them instead of pushing them away.

Although confronting these symptoms can be quite daunting, I’m thankful for the people around me who have helped to support me on this journey. They’ve listening without judgement and shared empathy as they understand that everyone reacts differently to trauma. They have reminded me that it’s OK not to feel OK all the time, encouraged self-care, even when it means taking a break from activities you usually enjoy doing together – if only temporarily.

Recognizing these symptoms has enabled me to take steps towards healing from my traumas and growing stronger in the process - something which may not have been possible without understanding why they presented themselves in the first place.