Psycheceutical to Conduct the First Ever Phase I and II Clinical Trials of a Novel Ketamine Topical Cream to Treat PTSD

This article is certainly exciting news for anyone interested in the potential of Psycheceuticals. The first ever Phase 2b clinical trial of a drug specifically designed to target and treat PTSD is a major milestone in the world of mental health treatment. It is encouraging to see a pharmaceutical company taking the initiative to develop a drug that can help to alleviate the symptoms of this debilitating disorder.

I believe that this trial is a great step forward in terms of developing more effective treatments for PTSD, and I hope that it will be successful. It is important that we continue to explore more effective treatments for mental health issues and to provide access to them for those who need them. If this trial is successful, it could be a major breakthrough in the treatment of PTSD and could help many people to live better lives.


That’s amazing news! I’m thrilled to hear about this Phase 2b clinical trial for a drug targeting PTSD. It’s so important to have more effective treatments for mental health issues like PTSD, and this could be a game-changer. I really hope this trial is successful and that it leads to better lives for those struggling with PTSD. It’s great to see pharmaceutical companies investing in this area and taking the initiative to develop new options for treatment. Thanks for sharing this article, it gives me hope for the future of mental health treatment!