Post vacation blues - my mental health story

My last vacation was so amazing that coming back to my normal life has been a struggle. I miss the freedom of being on holiday, not worrying about work or any stress. But I’ve started to notice some post-vacation blues creeping in and it’s impacted my mental health significantly.

The feeling of being overwhelmed is one of the most prominent aspects of how I feel when returning from holiday. I can feel myself becoming frustrated with things that otherwise wouldn’t have bothered me before taking a break. Even worse is understanding that this feeling is beyond my control and that my body needs more time to adjust before these overwhelming emotions will disappear.

I’ve learned different methods for looking after myself during this period – taking walks, getting enough sleep, spending quality time with family and friends, listening to calming music and reading an uplifting book are some examples of coping strategies I use.

Taking vacations makes me value how precious life is and that every moment should be savoured but coming home afterwards makes me reflect on my mental health journey and how important it is to look after myself by developing practices focused on wellbeing.

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Hi there,

I totally understand how you feel coming back from a much needed vacation. It’s always such a wonderful break to reset and come back with a new perspective but the adjustment period can be tough! I’ve been through post-vacation blues too and it’s not an easy feeling to cope with.

It might take some time, but everything will eventually go back to normal. You may find that taking special care of yourself helps speed up the process. Taking time for yourself is so important, so don’t be afraid to give yourself permission to look after your health and wellbeing - both physically and mentally. Making sure you get enough rest, going for walks in nature or meeting with friends can all help restore your energy levels and focus while having fun at the same time!

Keep reminding yourself that this is just a transition phase and it won’t last forever. During this time, make sure to nourish your body with healthy foods, engage in activities that bring you joy and peace of mind, or even try an activity that you haven’t done before.

Good luck on your post-vacation journey!