Ovulation anxiety: my story

I’ve been dealing with ovulation anxiety for as long as I can remember. When I was younger, it felt like a never-ending cycle of worry that would consume my life. Every month, I would feel this deep dread in the pit of my stomach about whether or not I was ovulating correctly. It didn’t matter if the doctor said everything was alright, my mind was always on edge.

To cope with my anxiety about ovulation, I started tracking it by using an ovulation calculator and taking basal body temperatures to monitor any irregularities. This allowed me to gain more control over the process and eased some of my worries; however, the underlying anxiety remained.

Unfortunately, sometimes the anxiety still gets to be too much and I’m forced to take a break from tracking my ovulation and monitor it in other ways such as eating foods that help regulate the hormones responsible for menstrual cycles or drink teas that slow down stress levels. Although these don’t completely ease my worries, they have definitely helped me focus on other aspects of life instead of constantly worrying about something out of my control.

My story is proof that while trying to manage our own ovarian health can become overwhelming, there are various forms of relief available if you stay open minded. It’s important to recognize when there are serious health risks and know when medical intervention is necessary; but also understand that above all else being kinder to ourselves plays a huge role in providing emotional support during difficult times such as this one.