Overcoming my fear of flying

I had a major fear of flying for nearly my entire life. I never wanted to get on a plane, let alone actually fly in one. When friends and family would plan trips requiring air travel, I found myself making excuses or bowing out altogether. Finally, I decided that I was not going to let this fear stop me from living my life the way that I wanted to.

So, with some deep breaths and an open mind, I decided to give it a try. Through lots of research and preparation ahead of time, I was able to get on the plane with confidence that I had taken proper steps to ensure my safety and security during the flight.

Once the initial fears were conquered, allowing myself to relax and actually enjoy the experience became much easier. Going along with it instead of fighting against it certainly helped make things smoother sailing as well. From having soothing music ready to go in case feeling anxious starts to creep in, grabbing a book or magazine to lose myself in, or treating myself to snacks during the flight can all help take our minds off of what we are afraid of and really start enjoying ourselves while we’re up in the air!

Through taking these small steps, overcoming my fear has become possible! Now every time I board a plane for an exciting adventure my excitement overrules any nerves that come along with getting onto a plane - which makes traveling so much more enjoyable!