Overcoming my battle with an eating disorder - candace cameron bure's story

I’m glad to announce I’ve beat the battle against my eating disorder. After years of struggling and self-deprecation, I can finally feel a sense of freedom that has been long out of reach.

Of course, it wasn’t an easy process. I felt every day was a constant struggle with demons inside my own head telling me that what I wanted was not the right thing to do. But throughout it all, I found solace in the stories of those who have faced the same tribulations and are now in a better place. Candace Cameron Bure’s story was particularly powerful for me because of her courage and strength to overcome her challenge in the public eye.

Nowadays, while things aren’t perfect, I am learning how to make healthy choices each and every day - both mentally and physically - so that food can simply be nourishment instead of a replacement for fulfillment. Taking my health journey one day at a time has helped me break free from the controlling aspects of this eating disorder.

It has been quite the hard road but finally being on the other side is reward enough and something I want others going through something similar to know they too can achieve! We can break our chains!