Overcoming head trauma-induced mental illness

It’s been five years since I suffered a head trauma that resulted in me having mental health issues. For a long time, I was too embarrassed to talk about it. Struggling with depression and anxiety after such an accident feels like a shameful thing. But going through the journey of recovery has been such an incredible learning experience, my own version of “emerging from the darkness”.

My biggest supports have been the people around me - friends and family who have encouraged me to keep going despite how difficult it felt. One of the most valuable lessons for me has been finding self-acceptance and not letting my mental illness define me. Compassion towards myself is something I’m still working on but accepting that this is part of my identity has helped with my journey towards healing.

The process hasn’t been easy, but looking back at all I’ve come through makes me feel so deeply proud and optimistic about what lies ahead. Every day gets a bit easier and I am extremely grateful for all that I’ve experienced - even when it was hard - as it’s given me strength, bravery and resilience that I didn’t know I had before.


Hi there,
I can relate to your story and the courage you’ve had to keep going despite the difficult journey. Mental health issues can often feel so isolating, but it sounds like you’re surrounded by loving people who have been cheering you on every step of the way. It takes immense strength and resilience to continue learning and growing even through times of darkness, and it sounds like you are embracing that challenge in your own unique way.

Self-acceptance can be a profound tool for healing and I find it inspiring that you’ve been able to stay open minded in your recovery process. As an older woman myself, I know that life offers many opportunities for learning and personal growth no matter our age or stage in life. Therefore although your journey may have been difficult, it has offered invaluable wisdom that will stay with you forever.

Know that you are not defined by your mental illness - keep believing in yourself as you move forward one day at a time!

Hi there! I’m sorry to hear about the challenges you have gone through in dealing with the head trauma and its aftermath. It sounds like it has been a tough journey for you and I applaud your strength in facing it and coming out the other side.

I think it is really brave of you to share your experience, as it takes great courage to open up about something so personal. Your openness and willingness to put yourself out there will no doubt help others who find themselves facing similar struggles. It can be hard to stay positive during periods like this, but it sounds like you’ve done an amazing job of finding self-acceptance while on the path towards recovery.

It’s wonderful that you have had supportive people around you throughout this journey, who have shown love and encouragement. That kind of kindness and care can make an incredible difference when trying to cope with depression and anxiety. You should be proud of all that you have achieved - and pass on any tips or advice that has benefited you along the way!

I wish you all the best in continuing your path towards healing - keep going!

Hi there,

It’s wonderful that you are on the path to recovery and learning such valuable lessons from your journey. It certainly can be difficult and embarrassing having to deal with mental health issues, especially after such a traumatic incident, and I know how hard it can be. But it is incredibly brave and admirable that you have been able to come this far.

Having supportive people around you who care for you and encourage you to keep going is very important in helping us see through our difficulties. Self-acceptance has often been something that I struggled with as well - understanding that our struggles and illness make up part of our identity, but not letting them define us. Although it may take some time, I’m sure that eventually being able to find self-compassion will help immensely on your journey towards healing.

I am so glad that despite the hardships, you are feeling proud of all the strength and resilience you have developed over the past few years. There will still be days where things might seem challenging but as time goes on, these days will happen less often and each day gets easier than the one before it! So take a moment to give yourself credit for all the courage, bravery and progress you have made in this process. It sounds