Overcoming childhood trauma: my story

I know I’m not alone in overcoming childhood trauma, but I want to tell my story anyway in the hope that it can be helpful and encouraging for anyone else who has gone through something similar.

As a kid, I struggled with some pretty intense emotions of sadness and anger and found myself overwhelmed with them on many occasions. When these strong feelings would hit me all at once, it was like I couldn’t find my way out or make sense of what was going on inside me. It felt like a never-ending wave of chaos.

But although there were days that felt insurmountable, I refused to give up hope. Even when it seemed like I was trapped in this pattern of suffering, I knew that there had to be a way out. So even though it took time and dedication, I worked hard to learn coping skills, understand myself better, and have meaningful conversations with others who could relate to what I went through.

Though it hasn’t been easy by any means, getting through these tough times has ultimately served as an opportunity for growth and understanding. Over time, these experiences help shape me into the person I am today — one who is more compassionate toward myself and more conscious of my thoughts & emotions — which makes the road ahead a little bit easier each day.

It’s okay if you’re still struggling yourself; just remember that you are braver than you think!