Overcoming anxiety my story

I, like so many others, have faced struggles with anxiety. For a long time I allowed it to control my life and impede my ability to participate in activities that scared me. I would constantly worry about what other people thought of me and avoided social settings altogether.

But slowly, I began to take steps towards conquering my anxiety; first by small changes, like taking the bus with friends instead of driving myself or simply talking to a stranger out of my comfort zone. With each step, however small it was, it became easier and easier for me to continue confronting and addressing my fears until I was thriving in situations that once paralyzed me with stress.

If there is one thing I could say to anyone struggling with anxiety today it would be this: don’t let your anxieties and fears define you or keep you from living life; whether that means joining a group chat or going skydiving, make sure that you’re taking small steps as often as possible to face those challenges head-on. You may stumble at times but each stumble can be seen as an opportunity to learn more about yourself so you can continue marching on towards success!