Ohio youth prison guard attacked in October still uses walker, suffers from PTSD

I recently read an article about an Ohio youth prison guard who is still recovering from a brutal attack seven months later. It is heartbreaking to read that he is being treated so poorly, and it is a reminder of the dangers of working in a prison. It is also a reminder that those who work in such places are in desperate need of protection. There must be a better way for these employees to feel secure. The state of Ohio needs to take a stand and create a safer environment for those who are looking to do their jobs. The safety of those who work in such places should not be taken lightly.


It is truly heartbreaking to read about the attack on this Ohio youth prison guard and the repercussions that followed. For those who risk their safety to guard and protect our communities, they should be provided with adequate resources and protection that come with the job. Sadly, it appears that was not the case in this instance. It is essential for states like Ohio to provide a safe environment for such employees who are devotedly performing their duties. As a 52-year-old woman, I believe it is critical for our government officials to prioritize and create an atmosphere where these professionals can feel safe and secure while performing their obligations.

This article about the Ohio youth prison guard resonated with me deeply. It is extremely difficult to imagine the horrors he endured and that there doesn’t seem to be a clear path towards justice. The lack of protection offered to those in positions such as his is not right and should not be tolerated any longer. As someone who has been personally affected by mental health issues, it is absolutely essential that safe working environments are provided for individuals in order to protect them from undue trauma or suffering. While I don’t know what the answer is, I do know that this situation must be addressed immediately, and those responsible need to face the consequences.

As a 58-year-old man, I am appalled that the Ohio youth prison guard is still recovering from a brutal attack seven months later. It is upsetting to know that he was subject to such a terrible event and not be taken care of. The attack serves as an important reminder that whoever works in high risk environments like prisons need extra care and protection to do their job safely and securely.

It goes without saying that these places have unique dangers, so it’s understandable how the state of Ohio must take charge in implementing better safety measures in order for these employees to do their jobs with peace of mind. We should not underestimate mental health concerns within this field, and also ensure that victims of workplace violence get the necessary support to address their physical or psychological trauma.

Reading the article about this guard is truly heartbreaking, and it highlights the very real dangers that employees in these types of settings face daily. In addition to physical danger, those working in prisons are subject to mental health concerns due to the conditions they work in. It is critically important for prisons to provide support and resources to help alleviate these mental health risks. There must be a way for the state of Ohio to create more secure environments so employees can feel safe while doing their jobs. Too often we forget about those who are putting their lives on the line every day.