‘Now is not the time to turn a blind eye’: TikTok influencer blasted for urging people to ‘look away’ from situation in Gaza for their own mental health

This article about an influencer’s comments on the mental health issues in Gaza is concerning. It’s absolutely wrong for anyone to make sweeping statements about an entire population’s mental health without any evidence to back up their claims. It’s especially wrong to do so when the people you are talking about are struggling to survive in a conflict zone. This type of attitude is not only insensitive but perpetuates the idea that people living in conflict zones are somehow subhuman and don’t deserve the same respect and care as those of us living in more stable environments. Mental health is a real issue that needs to be addressed around the world, and it should not be used as a tool to shame or belittle people who are suffering from the effects of conflict and violence. We should all strive to be more supportive and understanding of those living in difficult situations and not make judgments about their mental health without any evidence.