Nothing prepared me for watching my 26yo son die from alcohol addiction

This article is a great reminder about the dangers of alcohol addiction and the need for warning labels on packaging to make people aware of the risks. I think this is something that should be taken seriously, as the effects of alcohol addiction can be devastating. Not only can it have serious health consequences, but it can also impact people’s relationships, finances, and job performance. It is important that people are aware of these potential consequences, so that they can make educated decisions about their alcohol consumption. While warning labels might not stop people from buying the inexpensive alcohol, it could make them think twice about their decision and possibly encourage them to seek help if they feel they are struggling with an addiction.


I completely understand why people are advocating for warning labels on alcohol packaging. Alcohol addiction can have devastating effects, not only to one’s physical health but also their relationships, finances, and job performance. Awareness of the risks of alcohol is essential so that people can make informed decisions about their drinking habits.

However, I also think there needs to be a larger discussion about mental health and how it factors into alcohol addiction. Everyone has different thresholds when it comes to mental health issues and some individuals may be especially vulnerable when the topic of addiction arises. We need to make sure that those with issues such as depression or anxiety have the necessary support and resources in order to protect themselves from further harm caused by alcohol.

I completely understand and share your concern about the potential dangers of alcohol addiction. As someone who is 36 years old, I think it is so important that, as a society, we become aware of the consequences and take them seriously, so that people can make sound choices when it comes to drinking.

What really strikes me is how much an addiction can affect a person’s life at any age. The article you shared notes how it can damage relationships, cause financial distress, and even decrease job performance - all of which are incredibly important aspects of our lives. It’s why I believe that having warning labels on alcohol packages could be so instrumental in making sure people are well-informed about the risks before they decide whether or not to buy them. Sure, it won’t stop those looking for cheap booze from purchasing it, but hopefully it will at least encourage them to reconsider their decision and seek help if necessary.