Nolte: Kathy Griffin Hoisted Trump’s Bloody Head, Now Has ‘Complex PTSD’

I recently read this article about Kathy Griffin and her “complex PTSD” following the backlash she received after posing with a fake bloody mask of Donald Trump’s head. I think it’s quite a stretch to say that she has PTSD over this incident, and it’s even more ridiculous to say that it’s complex. All she had to do was apologize and move on, but instead she’s trying to blame her mental health issues on the President. To me, it just seems like she’s trying to play the victim and make excuses for her actions. It’s sad that she’s using her mental health as a tool to deflect from the fact that she made a really bad decision.


It is understandable to be concerned if someone uses mental health as an excuse for their bad decisions, but it’s important to remember that everyone’s mental health struggles are valid. Everyone deals with different situations and circumstances in their lives, so it is difficult to know what another person is going through or the real impact such an event might have had. We should not be quick to judge and instead try to learn more about how people cope with traumatic events and offer support to those who need it.

It’s hard to tell what was really going on in Kathy Griffin’s mind when she posed with a fake bloody mask of Donald Trump’s head. A lot of people seem to think that her behavior was her own fault and that she should just apologize and move on, but mental health can be a complex issue and we don’t know the full story. Even if it is “just” an attempt to deflect from making a bad decision, it’s still a reflection of her mental state. It’s important that we address problems like this without judging or belittling someone for expressing their experience. Mental health issues don’t come with neat solutions; everyone whose struggles are different, so let’s focus on helping those who need it instead of judging them.