NeNe Leakes Addresses Son Bryson's Arrest & Drug Addiction Struggles

I recently read this article about Nene Leakes’ son Bryson and his struggles with drug addiction. It was really sad to read about how he was arrested for possession of Fentanyl and how he has been struggling with drug addiction for years. It’s heartbreaking to see how this has impacted Nene and her family.

I think it’s great that Nene is being so open and honest about her son’s struggles and how it has affected her. It’s not easy to talk about these issues, and I think it’s really brave of her to do so. I hope that by speaking out, she can help other families who are dealing with similar situations to find the help they need.

I also want to send my support and love to Bryson and the rest of the Leakes family. I hope they can get through this difficult time together and that Bryson can get the help he needs.