Navigating Night Sweats and Anorexia: My Story

For years I’ve been struggling with the physical and emotional consequences of anorexia. On top of the worrisome weight loss, I’ve had to deal with nighttime sweats that meant consistently losing sleep and feeling weak during the day. It felt hopeless—I thought I would never be able to get better from these chronic symptoms.

Then, earlier this year, something changed. Against all odds, my night sweats began to decrease significantly and my eating disorder started to become more manageable. As my body changed and healed itself, so too did my mental health start to improve. Everyone around me noticed how I was slowly blossoming into a healthier person both physically and mentally.

Looking back now on where I was before—physically drained by night sweats, emotionally drained by the struggle of anorexia—it feels incredible to see how far I’ve come since then. Every new milestone met encourages me that recovery is indeed achievable despite the many setbacks along the way.

It’s taken great courage for me finally make peace with my body and mind as they are right now; through a lot of hard work throughout this journey, I’m here today feeling stronger in more ways than one. At times it felt like I wouldn’t make it through this struggle but there have been moments when things suddenly made sense and finally drove home that while healing may be slow at times, it is possible if you stay determined even when things seem difficult or hopless (and honestly they often do).