Navigating My OCD Symptoms: A Personal Account


Navigating my OCD symptoms has been a journey that has changed and evolved over time. Although I have been aware of the condition for years, I still find myself questioning and struggling with my behaviors. My mind is constantly sending me signals about potential triggers, which can lead to intense feelings of anxiety. When this happens, I try my best to take control of the moment by grounding myself in reality.

One technique that I find helpful is breaking the cycle by rewiring how I think, speak, and act regarding my thoughts or experiences. For instance, if I start having obsessive thoughts about something being “wrong” with me or a situation occurring in an unhealthy way, then I can challenge those thoughts by finding tangible evidence that refutes them. This action helps me rationalize the irrationality of my Ricochet Repeating Cycle as well as keep me oriented in the present instead of getting lost in fear-based thinking.

Another method of managing my OCD symptoms is engaging in calming activities or using mantras when faced with unwanted intrusions and intrusive thoughts. Something as simple as picking up a book and reading a few passages can help distract me from superstitious conjectures developing in my head. Similarly, repeating pleasant phrases to myself such as “this too shall pass” during high tension moments helps keep everything in perspective when anxiety builds up inside of me.

Overall, managing OCD symptoms takes conscious effort but it gets easier over time with patience and practice! It is important to remember though that everyone’s paths are different - respect your journey while finding creative solutions for improvement along the way!