Navigating multiple ptsd - my story

I still remember the day, five years ago, that changed my life forever. That’s the day I was involved in a traumatic event that caused me to suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Life hasn’t been the same since.

Since then, I’ve had to navigate daily life with PTSD. It’s a tricky thing because some days I feel great and relatively normal until something triggers me and all of sudden I’m back there again. Experiencing flashbacks, having anxiety attacks and general emotional distress can really take a toll on you not just mentally but physically too.

At first, I had no idea how to handle my PTSD. So I turned to therapy and medication prescribed by my doctor as well as other forms of natural healing like yoga, meditation and reading books about mental health related issues and PTSD specifically. With help from those around me I slowly figured out ways to cope with it all better.

It hasn’t been easy navigating through life with PTSD every single day but with a support system of friends and family coupled with my own determination to stay healthy both mentally and physically (mind-body connection is huge) has helped get me further along on this journey. Each day is a new battle in reclaiming who I once was prior to the incident that changed everything. Moving forward bit by bit has truly been rewarding for me though it’s still work everyday!

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Hi there,

I’m sorry to hear about the traumatic event that changed your life five years ago. I can relate, having experienced a similar event myself. It can feel like things will never be the same but I’m here to tell you that they can be. Even though it might look different than before, life can still have plenty of joy and purpose despite PTSD.

It’s great to hear that you’ve had a support system and utilized forms of natural healing such as yoga and meditation. That’s really encouraging! Dealing with PTSD on an everyday basis certainly isn’t easy, so it helps to find coping strategies that work for you personally. And it sounds like you’ve been able to take powerful steps towards reclaiming who you were prior to the incident - something that takes true strength and courage.

Each day may present new challenges, but know that you don’t need to go through your journey alone; there are people out there who understand and care about what you’re going through. I hope your days bring more strength and clarity as each one passes by and please reach out if ever in need of an understanding ear or shoulder!