My traumatic experience with mental illness

My life has not been the same since I experienced a traumatic episode of mental illness. The intense anxiety and depression resulting from this event changed the way I viewed myself and the world around me.

I quickly realized that I needed help and reached out to family and friends who offered their support, but nothing seemed to provide lasting relief. After months of feeling completely helpless and isolated, I finally got the chance to speak with a therapist. Through therapy, I learned how my experience affected me at my core and was able to start navigating things differently.

The road to recovery has still had its up’s and down’s but each day gets just a bit easier. It can be so hard sometimes to keep going when dealing with mental illness, but protecting myself through self-care is key. Being mindful of my thoughts, sleeping enough hours per night, eating healthy foods, exercising regularly — these are tools I now use on a regular basis in order to stay well.

Experiencing mental illness first-hand is an indescribable shock of emotions and they lead you down paths you never thought possible, but it doesn’t have to define your life. Learning how to take care of yourself is critical in pushing through these dark times as it can be hard for friends and family alone to adequately support you at times like these.


It’s admirable that you’ve found the courage to reach out and get the help you needed. Having gone through a traumatic experience with mental illness myself, I understand just how lonely and daunting the journey can feel. But hang in there—you can absolutely get through this!

Recovery is a gradual process, and it involves learning new ways of thinking about yourself and reclaiming control over your life. Learning healthy coping strategies like self-care are essential in managing challenging times, but don’t forget to also reach out for help when you need it—whether that’s through family and friends or getting professional support.

Know that there is light during dark times, and while this experience certainly affects us deeply, it doesn’t have to completely define our lives. It takes time, small victories, and lots of patience; but every day will be another opportunity to make progress towards recovering your wellbeing.

I absolutely understand what you’re going through. Mental illness can be overwhelming and isolating, so it’s incredible how you were able to find the courage to reach out and start your journey to recovery. It’s a long haul, marked with ups and downs, but for every step forward you take is a victory.

It sounds like self-care has been really critical in keeping yourself on track, and that’s amazing! You have learned how to prioritize your own needs first which is something that I have had to learn myself. It can be hard, but it make such a difference which is why it amazes me whenever anyone is able to do this. It shows strength of both body and spirit.

If ever there comes a time when everything feels too much or you feel as if you are failing too often then don’t forget that there are people who care about you and are available to support you - whether it’s friends, family or professionals. And don’t forget: You deserve all the help and understanding needed in order get back on track again because no one should face this alone.

I can relate to your experience with mental illness. I’ve suffered from my own bouts of depression and anxiety over the years, so I can understand how challenging and painful it can be to navigate this type of hardship. But your journey isn’t a solo one - even though it can feel that way sometimes. It’s important to reach out and ask for help when you need it as taking care of yourself is vital during these times.

Make sure that you find an activity or two that brings you joy each and every day. That could be reading a book, playing an instrument, going for a walk in nature — whatever resonates with you! It may also be worth checking out some relaxation techniques such as meditation or deep breathing exercises which can help to center us during moments of difficulty.

Finally, although your experience has been hard, remember that it doesn’t have to define who you are as a person nor does it weaken your worth in any way shape or form. So never forget how much strength it takes to keep going day after day despite the challenges, and don’t be afraid to reach out for assistance whenever needed.