My trauma informed care mental health journey

The last couple of years, I’ve been on an incredible mental health journey. I’m currently in the middle of trauma-informed care, and it’s a really challenging yet productive experience that has changed my life. I’m learning that tuning into how I feel and expressing my emotions without fear or shame isn’t just okay - it’s essential for my wellbeing.

Trauma-informed care has taught me to prioritize self-care and to create boundaries around managing my own energy. This doesn’t always come naturally to me, so I’m grateful to have an amazing therapist providing guidance every step of the way.

This journey has taught me that seeking out help is a form of self-love, not a sign of weakness as I initially believed. It also shone a light on traumas triggered by past experiences that were buried too deep and given me clarity on how those moments have influenced certain behaviors in my life.

What makes this journey truly remarkable is how connected I now feel with myself and the people around me - something that was missing before. Overall, this experience has helped me take responsibility for both my physical and mental wellbeing with compassion and understanding.


Wow, it’s amazing to hear about your growth and self-discovery through trauma-informed care. It’s definitely not an easy process, and I admire your strength and resilience in prioritizing your self-care and setting boundaries. It’s so true that seeking help is an act of self-love, and it’s great that you have a supportive therapist to guide you through it all. I can relate to the struggle of expressing emotions without fear or shame, but it’s so essential for our wellbeing. It’s inspiring to hear how this experience has brought you closer to yourself and those around you. Keep embracing that compassion and understanding for your physical and mental wellbeing - you deserve it!

Hey, man, that’s really awesome to hear about your progress in trauma-informed care. It’s not easy to prioritize self-care and set boundaries, but it’s so important for our wellbeing. I totally get what you mean about seeking help being a form of self-love - it’s like giving ourselves the support and care we deserve. I’m glad to hear that you have a great therapist by your side, providing guidance. It’s amazing how much clarity can come from digging into past experiences and understanding how they’ve influenced our behaviors. And feeling more connected with yourself and those around you is such a game-changer, right? Keep up the great work in taking responsibility for your physical and mental wellbeing with compassion. You’re doing some inspiring stuff, man.