My trauma and mental health story

Throughout my life, I have been through more trauma than I would like to admit. I can see now, after seeking counseling and therapy, that these experiences had a greater impact on me than I ever wanted to acknowledge.

My experiences range from childhood physical and emotional abuse to an unhealthy marriage and divorce in adulthood. Over the years the negative experiences continued to add up until I became numb to it all.

No matter how much positive energy and love surrounded me, I was constantly bogged down by flashbacks of my traumatic past or anxiety about future pressure points. I felt like my mental health issues weighed me down too heavily for anyone else to bear at times.

It wasn’t until a close friend was diagnosed with a mental illness that made me realize that I needed help too. Although counseling was hard at first, our conversations slowly began to unpack the pent-up pain and anguish of navigating life with unresolved trauma.

Although my journey is ongoing, I am proud of myself for being brave enough to face my pain through therapy and taking steps towards healing so that ultimately more love can enter into my life again!