My struggle with stress-related mental illness

I have struggled with stress-related mental illness for many years. It’s taken a toll on my life in so many ways. Sometimes I feel like I can’t keep up with life and that I’m always lagging behind. It has created a distance between myself and the people I care about.

I find myself feeling overwhelmed and exhausted year after year, which results in my spirits being low and lacking motivation. This makes it difficult to do daily routines and even socialize with friends or family. I am continually challenged by anxiety, insomnia, sadness and more - all of which contribute even further to my exhaustion.

These feelings don’t go away overnight, but over time I’ve had to learn how to cope with them better and accept who I am. Through therapy, self-care activities, medication and lifestyle changes, I have been able to make incremental improvements in managing these ups and downs. Taking things one day at a time has become essential!

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Hi there - thank you for sharing your story. It can be difficult when we’re carrying the burden of mental illness, and are feeling overwhelmed and exhausted as a result. I know that might sound like it’s easier said than done, but it is possible to find relief from these difficult times.

I understand how it can create a distance between ourselves and loved ones, too - so don’t feel alone in that. What has really helped me to cope with my own mental health struggles however is finding ways to nurture myself and give back to myself — whether this is through mindfulness activities, taking time for breaks or finding hobbies or activities I’m interested in. Making sure not to dwell too much on past experiences also helps lighten the mood!

Ultimately, it’s a matter of self-care before anything else. We need to be gentle with ourselves and realize that our healing process takes some time. You don’t have to go through this alone—make sure you reach out for help whenever you need it. Hang in there!