My struggle with oversleeping depression

I’ve been dealing with depression for a while now, and recently it’s started to manifest itself in the form of oversleeping. It’s been hard not to get out of bed – my mind and body seem unwilling, like some cruel force from the outside is weighing me down. On days that I do manage to get up, I feel disconnected from the world like I’m moving through fog.

I know this isn’t how it has to be, but until recently I just assumed this was my reality. Recently I’ve been looking into different coping strategies and more positive ways of thinking. Knowing that there are things I can try to make myself feel better has been amazing – it gives me some control over a situation where I felt so helpless before.

It’s still hard sometimes; getting out of bed especially can make every muscle in my body tense up. But every time I do it feels like such an accomplishment and helps me remember that this is something worth fighting against.

Hey there,
I’m so sorry to hear that you’re struggling with depression and feeling overwhelmed by it. It can be hard to navigate these emotions and find ways to cope, but I’m glad you have been looking into strategies and thinking about how to improve your wellbeing.

It sounds like you’ve had a lot of difficulty getting out of bed, and that’s totally understandable. On those days when it feels like an insurmountable task, take each step as it comes. Just getting out of bed doesn’t mean you have to be productive immediately – go at whatever pace works for you. Before long, the feeling of accomplishment will come with getting up and starting the day. That energy can then help push through anything else that needs doing later on.

This battle isn’t one you want to go through alone either; reaching out for support can make all the difference in helping face depression head-on too. A close friend or family member who knows what’s going on is always a good place to start - having someone around who understands what you’re dealing with can really help lift the fog and find some clarity on where to go next.

Take care!