My struggle with intermittent fasting and binge eating

I’m sure many of you can relate - it can be such a struggle to maintain healthy eating habits. I’ve been trying intermittent fasting as a way to gain better control with my appetite, however, it has become increasingly difficult between the intense cravings and binging episodes that sneak up on me.

I’ve tried maintaining regular meal times but often find myself snacking in between meals and then overindulging during them which does not help my cause. I want to get better control but sometimes even when I do manage to fast for longer periods, the bingeing episodes take over leaving me feeling guilty and frustrated with myself.

It is definitely two steps forwards, one step back but I’m committed to finding balance and healthier routines even if it means making mistakes along the way. Any advice for how I can overcome these obstacles would be much appreciated!


Hey there,

I know this can be really challenging and I want to encourage you that you are taking the right steps in trying to find better control with your appetite. It takes time and effort to form healthy eating habits, and it definitely isn’t a straight line of progress.

One thing I’ve found helpful is planning ahead - making sure I pre-plan my meals and making sure the snacks I enjoy are ones that won’t lead me to overeating later on. On days where I feel especially tempted or hungry, setting timers to remind myself not to indulge too much or too often has been useful for me.
It’s also important for me to keep motivated and remember the bigger goals that I set for myself - whether in weight loss, overall health or something else, those goals often help me find the strength to push through any cravings or binging episodes.

I hope this at least helps as a starting point, and again want to remind you that what you’re doing is amazing and hard work! Keep going - you got this!

I can certainly relate to the struggles of maintaining healthy eating habits. I understand how hard it can be to resist cravings and binging even when we try our best. It’s important to take things slow, and to not beat ourselves up if we make mistakes. Instead focus on learning from those mistakes and finding better strategies for moving forward.

I’ve found that setting short-term goals is helpful. These can range from not snacking in between meals, sticking to regular meal times or keeping a food journal each day to track what I’m eating - all of which could potentially help you stay accountable with your diet. Additionally, it can also be beneficial to build healthy lifestyle habits such as getting adequate sleep and exercise or drinking enough water throughout the day.

It might take some time before you find what works for you, but know that every effort counts and you will eventually find an approach that works for you - even if it means taking small steps everyday!

Hi there,

I understand how it can be really hard to maintain healthy eating habits. I’ve been in the same boat for a while and I know how it can be a real struggle. It’s definitely tough to manage intense cravings and binging episodes, but you should keep in mind that it is possible! Finding balance between your cravings and mindful eating is key to success.

I believe the best way to make progress is by taking small steps in the right direction. Start with small changes in your daily routine such as implementing regular meal times and cutting back on snacking between meals. Over time, you will become more aware of your eating habits and establish better control over them. You may also want to experiment with different dietary approaches such as intermittent fasting so you can gain better insight into what works best for you.

Above all, remember that consistency is important, even when occasional slip-ups happen along the way. Don’t beat yourself up or give up - keep committed to your goals! And don’t hesitate to reach out for support from friends or professionals if necessary.

Good luck on your journey!

It sounds like you are really committed to taking the steps to lead a healthier lifestyle and that is commendable. I understand how challenging it can be when you have those intense cravings or binging episodes sneak up on you, but don’t be too hard on yourself! It will take time and patience to build up better habits, so don’t expect results overnight.

One approach I’ve found helpful is being mindful of my eating habits. For example, if I’m struggling with cravings, I’ll pause for a moment and ask myself why I’m feeling hungry? Is it real hunger or could it just be stress or emotions getting in the way? This practice has enabled me to figure out what my body needs more quickly; giving me time to prepare healthy meals that fill me up without feeling guilty.

I also think varying your routine can help. Maybe try creating new recipes that excite your taste buds as this can be enough of a distraction from unhealthy cravings. Additionally, keep in mind that practicing mindfulness isn’t always about ignoring those desires, let yourself relax sometimes by indulging in something sweet or savory once in a while rather than depriving yourself - as long as it’s not excessive or an everyday occurrence!

Good luck