My struggle with compulsive bathing

Lately I’ve been struggling with compulsive bathing. It’s not something I enjoy doing, but it feels like there’s this overwhelming urge that won’t go away unless I bathe. Even if it’s just been a few hours since my last shower, the voice in my head won’t be quiet until I make my way to the bathroom and take another one.

It takes up so much of my day and night, not to mention uses up an exorbitant amount of water! Despite being aware of the strain on resources, it doesn’t matter how hard I try - I can’t get rid of these irrational feelings that all this is necessary for some unknown reason.

I’m trying to gradually find a way to make peace with this tendency and eventually be able to turn it off, or at least control it better. With some professional help and lots of determination, perhaps one day I’ll be able to move past this compulsion.