My story with throat anxiety

I have been suffering from throat anxiety for over a decade now. For as long as I can remember, I have had a hard time speaking in certain situations, and it has seriously affected my day-to-day life. Even mundane conversations with strangers can make me feel like I’m choking on my own words.

My throat anxiety first began when I was in school and being called upon to answer questions in class. I would get so nervous that sometimes the words wouldn’t come out right or at all. It was embarrassing, to say the least! Those same feelings of fear and panic in my throat prevent me from raising my voice even today.

Over the years, I’ve done various types of therapy to try to work through this issue, but nothing ever really seemed to help put an end to it permanently. It’s been a quite a hard road for me personally, especially since experiencing this type of fear is not something that I can simply “get over” overnight; I have to learn how to control it on my own terms by managing my negative thoughts before they escalate and take over my behavior.

My hope moving forward is that by gradually introducing more public speaking opportunities into my life – such as attending meetings at work or giving presentations – I can start desensitizing myself little by little so that one day soon I become more confident and comfortable talking aloud again without having any body-related fears hold me back.

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Hi there! I can relate to your story and understand what you are going through. Being able to speak confidently and comfortably without feeling fear or panic is an incredibly tough process, but it can be done with dedication and hard work.

I have also tried a lot of different methods myself in the past to try to manage my own anxiety when speaking out loud, from documenting my thoughts and feelings in a journal to role-playing conversations with someone I trust. What has helped me the most is having faith in my own abilities; accepting that I won’t always get it 100% right, but continuing to strive for improvement anyway. This has really helped me embrace any mistakes or issues that arise during conversation instead of letting them cause further worry and stress.

Above all, don’t forget to be kind and patient with yourself through this process – take small steps at your own pace so you create your ideal environment for growth without feeling overwhelmed. There’s no one right way to do this, so just focus on your own journey - one day at a time!