My story: healing from trauma

I’ve been through a lot in my life and managed to come out the other side with an understanding that every life experience - both good and bad - can teach us important lessons. What I want to share today is my story of healing from overwhelming, traumatic events. Everyone’s story is unique, but I hope by sharing mine, it can help others find power in their own journey.

Trauma can look like many different things. For me personally, it was growing up in an environment with a lot of difficult emotions and chaotic situations that seemed to always leave me feeling overwhelmed. As “the good kid” I did my best to cope which often meant pushing those feelings deep down inside where no one could see them–including myself. But over time the unresolved issues became hard for me to ignore and all those suppressed emotions caught up with me eventually.

Healing has been so much more than just managing the surface level challenges though; it has become my path to finding peace within myself and true self-empowerment. A large part of this work involved doing introspective work such as therapy, reading relevant books/blogs/studies, and talking honestly with trusted friends/family members about my experiences. Along the way I also made huge leaps in learning how to practice self-care and found immense value in connecting with nature on a regular basis.

It hasn’t been easy to revamp my attitude, uncover what had been blocked off from view for so long, or completely reach a place of healing—it takes commitment and courage every single day—but I know now more than ever that it was totally worth it. By looking inward for honest answers about who I wanted and needed to be (rather than consulting external sources) I have slowly but surely found a way out of the darkness towards true mental freedom which is such an incredible gift!

No matter how big or small your story may be, journey of resolving our traumas is something that we all have potential access too if we choose it for ourselves and open the door wide enough to truly let ourselves heal.