My schizophrenia and substance use story

I want to start off by saying that nobody’s journey is right or wrong. Different stories, different experiences; mine is no better than yours.

I was diagnosed with schizophrenia at a young age, and it has had an impact on my life ever since. Therapy helped a bit, but eventually the symptoms got more and more intense. I tried medication after medication but nothing seemed to give me relief. Sooner or later I turned to other substances as a way to cope with what I was feeling in an attempt to make things better – that was probably a mistake in hindsight.

It wasn’t until I found holistic therapies such as mindfulness meditation and yoga that I began to see real progress in my life. With those practices in mind, I committed to beginning a journey of healing, doing whatever it took on my own terms even through challenging moments.

I still take medications for my schizophrenia and also practice holistic methods of healing, too. It doesn’t always balance out how it’s supposed to be – but one thing’s certain - I don’t let a diagnosis define who I am or stop me from achieving my goals in life.