My ptsd from a relationship

I’m struggling. After a very tumultuous relationship, I’ve been dealing with PTSD for some time now. It’s been hard to work through and more often than not, it affects how I see myself and how I handle different situations. It’s like an invisible wall that trips me up when I try to move forward in life.

It took a lot of courage for me to accept that this is something I have to handle, because it means I can’t push away my own experiences and feelings from the past. The worst days are the ones when all these difficult memories come flooding back stronger than ever before. On those days it feels like it’s almost too much for me to handle, but gradually and with lots of support from friends and family, I get back on track again.

My experience helps me appreciate the strength we can draw from ourselves during difficult times. It also shows me just how invaluable our relationships and friendships can be in our lives. Each step forward is progress as I continue working towards feeling more at peace with myself again.