My personal struggle with ocd and related disorders

I was diagnosed with OCD and related disorders when I was a young adult. For me, it has been a long journey trying to manage my condition. My illness became so extreme that it started to affect my everyday life; my productivity and social activities were greatly hindered.

At first, I felt scared and embarrassed about this issue and avoided talking about it. It felt as though I was the only one who had this problem, so I simply stayed quiet and hoped for the best. After struggling in silence for a while, however, I decided that I needed help to take back control over my life. I decided to seek out professional treatment and talk through my issues with someone.

The therapist gave me coping techniques that allowed me to manage the intrusive thoughts and behaviors associated with the disorder. As well as being open with family members and close friends about what I was going through, this proved to be extremely beneficial in starting to understand why these conditions occur in the first place. Nowadays, I make sure I maintain an active lifestyle which helps keep my anxieties in check even during difficult times.

It hasn’t always been easy managing OCD-like symptoms but with perseverance and support from those around me, I am slowly getting on top of things better than before. Although it is tough at times, having OCD has forced me to become more aware of myself and pay greater attention when things do not feel right in order to quickly find solutions before any spiralling occurs.

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I completely understand where you are coming from. It can be difficult to even acknowledge that we have a condition such as OCD - especially as a young adult - and it takes a lot of courage to accept it and seek help. I’m glad that you eventually took the plunge and looked for professional treatment, as well as being open with your family and friends about it.

It is admirable that you have been able to tackle your condition in such a proactive way, getting yourself back on track is no small feat. In my experience, making sure to keep physically active has made all the difference in managing my own anxieties, so keep up the good work!

We are all in this together and I hope sharing my story helps you to feel less alone or scared in any way. Don’t ever be afraid to reach out if there is ever anything you need or want help with.