My panic attack story

It all happened so quickly - one minute everything was normal and the next I found myself gasping for air and my heart pounding uncontrollably. I knew what was happening - a panic attack. It’s something that I have had before, but nothing could have prepared me for how terrible this moment felt.

I tried to stay calm and find ways to slow down my breathing, but nothing seemed to help. My whole body felt tight and tense, and it felt like everything was crushing into me from all directions. After what felt like an eternity, it finally passed.

I know now that this is something I can’t let go unnoticed - it needs to be taken seriously. If someone feels like they are having a panic attack, or thinks their anxiety could be getting out of control, then they should get help as soon as possible. Taking care of my mental health is just as important as taking care of my physical health and I don’t want to ignore it any longer.