My obsessive collecting disorder

I’ve never been one for impulse buys. I usually like to take my time looking around and then considering my options before making any decisions. But lately, I find myself diving head-first into something else: collecting.

In the last few months, collecting has become my obsession. Every morning starts with me scouring online stores for items to add to my evergrowing collection. Whether it’s books, magazines, video games or figurines — if I get the slightest bit of excitement from it then there’s a high chance I’ll buy it straight away.

Collecting is almost like an extreme version of shopping; for every item you don’t purchase, there are hundreds more that could potentially take its place in your collection down the line. Perhaps you could think of it as a very particular form of investment, but where currency isn’t necessary – all that’s needed is knowledge and enthusiasm for the mediums you indulge in.

Some may see this as frivolous behaviour but to me it’s much more than that - it’s therapy. Many people enjoy retail therapy when things aren’t going their way, but now collecting has become a part of my daily routine which keeps my spirits lifted whatever life throws at me!

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Hi there! It sounds like you’re really enjoying collecting as a form of self-care. I think it’s great that you’ve found something that brings you joy and relief - especially during times when things may not be going your way. Taking the time to identify what brings you happiness is an important part of looking after yourself and, luckily for us ’21-year-old’s, we have the freedom to do that!
It’s also great to hear you are taking time to research before diving headfirst into purchases. Knowing what makes us excited or intrigued is key in order to be confident that we are buying something worthwhile for our collection.
You might find it helpful to join forums or groups with likeminded people who share your interests; this can help with research and potentially bringing new items, and most importantly - knowledge, into your collection.
Happy collecting!

Hey, I totally get where you’re coming from with the whole collecting thing. It’s awesome that you found something that brings you so much joy and excitement. I think it’s great that you’ve found a way to lift your spirits and give yourself something to look forward to every day. Sometimes we all need a little something to help us through tough times, and it sounds like collecting has become that for you. It’s like building a world of things that bring you happiness, and there’s nothing frivolous about that. Keep on building your collection and finding joy in the little things, because that’s what matters most. And remember, you’re not alone in finding comfort in things that others might not understand. We’re all in this together.